Saturday, November 27, 2010

From Betty's Library

By Jo Weldon

Burlesque is an old artform that adds a little naughty and a little nice, and so much more enteratining than seeing a naked girl slide down a pole. If done correctly you will leave your audience wanting more (even if it is only  your man , LOL) In commemoration of the the new movie "Burlesque"   You should pick up this book to enjoy the history of this sexy ,sassy way of life that Dita Von Teese and many others call their own.

From Amazon:

The BURLESQUE HANDBOOK is the no-holds-barred, totally feisty, pocket-sized manual for the aspiring, the practicing, and the admiring burlesque fan, written by Professor Jo Boobs, founder of the New York School of Burlesque. With a foreword by feminist comedian (and bona fide burlesque enthusiast) Margaret Cho, this guidebook runs through the basic philosophies of burlesque performance, provides step-by-step instruction on basic moves, and gives hand-me-down wisdom from one of the most established voices on the burlesque scene. The book also includes hands-on exercises for developing stage-worthy confidence, sexiness, and presence, as well as advice on how to bring together the fabulous makeup, costumes, pasties, moves, grooves, and attitudes of burlesque. The BURLESQUE HANDBOOK is the one-stop, must-have guide for everyone interested in this newly -- and wildly -- popular performance art and provides inspiration and advice that readers can take straight from the page to the stage!

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